Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Phew! You guys, drawing comics takes a WHILE... I thought I would be able to bash this out in a week or two once I really sat down and focussed, but guess what? It's a lot of work! My brother Keith wrote the script for it and we both worked together on tightening up the dialogue. I absolutely loved drawing it though, probably more than any other project I've worked on... I know it has a few problems here and there, but overall I'm really proud of it as a first attempt and I'm definitely going to be doing more comics projects. For the time being, probably only short form things of around 7 pages like this, since they take long enough, but who knows? Once I get more confident and ambitious, maybe start upping the page count and see where we go. So yeah, I've been struggling with a way to upload these and not have them all compressed to hell, since that's what blogspot seems to like, so there's thumbnails here, but I'd much rather you looked at it on these links:

Page 1,     Page 2,     Page 3,     Page 4,      Page 5,      Page 6,      Page 7